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The history of the domain began in 1948. Zoé and Miguel Maestrojuan worked together as peasant laborers on the Bordeneuve mixed-culture livestock farm in the village of Beaucaire sur Baïse. In 1962, the couple bought the farm and its 8 hectares of vines to produce their Armagnac, wine and Floc. The tradition of sharing and welcoming the Maestrojuan family is taking shape, there is always a place at the table and a house to stay!
The vines were plowed with an ox plow and planted along the contour lines. From 1968, their children, Michel and Richard, assisted them on the farm and increased the herd of dairy cows.
They are more and more interested in the fruit of the vine and renew the plantations from 1972. Ugni Blanc for Armagnac, Cot, Tannat and Merlot to produce red wines. The plantations are then carried out to facilitate the passage of the tractor in the direction of the slope.

Brigitte and Michel acquired Entras in 1982 in the town of Ayguetinte. They plant with Richard 10 new hectares of vines on the eastern slope of the Auloue valley.

Today, Michel, the grandson of Zoé and Miguel, perpetuates the work of previous generations. It reintroduces practices linked to nature by converting the 29 hectares of vines and the 60 hectares of cereals to Organic Farming from 2017 and then to biodynamic agriculture from 2021.
The domain uses its own cereal crops to produce the plant cover in the vines. New hedges and copses have been planted throughout the estate. A carbon balance sheet is in progress to complete this approach in respect of the living.

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