Our agricultural choices are guided by a search for vitality for our crops and our vines.

Restore soil life

The life of the soil and its structure are improved by varied plant cover. Every year during the winter, we provide fertilizers from animal and/or vegetable compost.
The quality of the root hairs, the mycorrhizae, the diversity of micro-organisms, are all elements that promote nutrition and life of our vines.

This complex organization of soil life forms a dynamic whole that we strive to improve each season. It is by ensuring its good health that our vines improve their ability to regenerate naturally.

The biodynamic 500 preparation made from cow dung fermented for 6 months in a horn is used on the estate to try to promote life in the soil. Recent research has shown a strong proximity of fermentates to hormones known for the growth of roots and plant cells.

We believe that a vine intimately connected to the life of its soil will produce grapes rich in flavor and life.

The aerial vine

When our vines are growing, we support this growth with disbudding, suckering, lifting and trellising. When the pressure of mildew and powdery mildew fungi is felt, we use sulfur and copper preparations as well as herbal teas such as nettles, horsetail, valerian or yarrow. These plants are supports to reinforce the protection and attenuate the stresses of the climatic hazards.

The 501 biodynamic preparation based on quartz fermented in a cow’s horn for 6 months is used on the estate to connect the plant to its aerial environment. This preparation is the counterpart of the 500 preparation in the ground.

Vineyards in a diverse agricultural landscape

The Entras estate is located in Ténarèze, also sometimes nicknamed the “little French Tuscany”. The plot is modest in size, groves and isolated trees dot the crests of the valleys of the Baïse and Auloue rivers.

The estate contributes to this diversified landscape with its kilometers of hedges and groves, its pond and its isolated oak trees. In 2021, 800 linear meters of rural hedges will extend the natural corridors in place. Planting projects are continuing with green links around crops to provide habitats for auxiliaries and near the vines to bring coolness in summer.

These wooded areas can also harbor or protect the bat, predator of the cluster worms present in our regions.

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