White dry Gascony ? Yes Lo Cèu wine is!

You can forget everything you know about Gascony white wines. Lo Cèu wine is a new kind of expression, another way to express Gascony terroir. Blend between 3 grapes from the region, we aged this wine during 1 year in Burgundy barrels. So, we obtain a real new kind of experience in our region.

Petit Manseng is the grape that constitutes the backbone of this white wine. The vine plot is settled in Beaucaire sur Baise village on a typical calcareous soil.

The local name of the parcel is Lo Cèu, a Gascon word that means little plain.
Colombard and Ugni Blanc come in supplements to produce a dry white wine powerful with a high minerality.

A label to represent our region Gascony

To illustrate the label of Lo Cèu wine we asked to Véronique Joffre, a young artist, who assembled all the elements of our landscape in a colorful composition. Hills of the Gers are widely highlighted, as the presence of streams, men and women labor in this beautiful countryside of the South West region.

At the nose, Lo Cèu is very aromatic with notes of pear and hazelnuts. In the mouth, Lo Cèu is well balanced round and crispy.  Delicate and long.

It can be paired with Scallop snacked, accompanied by a reduction of shiitake mushrooms.