A simple Mustard recipe of Gascony country side

Concentrated grape juice, Mustard seeds, salt and pepper, and “Voilà” this is the Gascony Mustard!


History and making

In 1788, near Valence sur Baise village, Monks of the Abbey of Flaran used to note on their shopping list do not forget to buy Mustard from Ayguetinte village. Between macaroons, waffles and chestnuts, they quoted the Mustard. Traditionaly, Gascony Mustard used to be appreciate when people were killing pig at farm. At this event on farms, Gascony Mustard, became a delicacy gourmet granted with Beret (pig stomach) or typical Gascon black pudding with pieces of meat and cartilage inside.

In 1998, Michel Maestrojuan creates an association to revive this very original condiment. Since this moment, Entras estate develops the mustard making and distributes mustard with its partners.

 Food suggestion

In association with pork (roast, snacked feet). An omelet of 4 eggs with 1 tablespoon of Mustard of Gascony. In a duck magret gently baked after degreasing into a saucepan. On a simple lettuce mix associated with balsamic vinegar.