Colina Oeste: red wine from Gascony

This wine comes from a single vineyard parcel in the town of Beaucaire sur Baïse. Settled on a calcareous soil, the vine faces the sunset. Here we have  best conditions to craft red wine in Gascony. Natural slope, intense sunshine and calcareous soil.

Colina Oeste bartabas

Colina Oeste is a blend of three emblematic grapes of the South West. Tannat, Malbec and Merlot. Colina Oeste vine plot receives a special attention during all the season from tillage to the vineyard canopy management.

The harvest day for this special parcel is very important. We want smooth tanins quality and aromatic maturity. Acidity is also a very important parameter because we are looking for long conservation and complexity wine. We pick the grapes by hand.

Alcoholic fermentation lasts almost 20 days. We choose a one year maturation in oak barrels of 600 liters. Before bottling, the wine take some rest in a vat during 6 months.