Bordeneuve Rosé : freshness only!

There are traditionally two ways to make rosé wine. We decided on Entras estate to use both to craft Bordeneuve Rosé.


Bordeneuve Rosé : about summer and freshness

First of all, we direct press our Tannat and Merlot grape. This is the best compromise for fruity and lightly colored juices. Tannat grapes are powerful to release colour. These first grape juices are assembled with Cabernet Sauvignon juice that we get through maceration on skins. That means, in a tank we store red grapes, just crushed. We wait for 4-8 hours to extract the flavors of the skins as well as some characters as fat, vinous character of rosé wine.

How does it taste?

This Rosé Bordeneuve smells aromas of strawberry and fresh blackcurrant. Owns a deep and slightly vinous mouth. It’s an ideal partner for summer terraces or some culinary preparations. Try it  on a duck breast marinated in pepper and Mustard of Gascony.