Bordeneuve Blanc Winery Entras

Bordeneuve Blanc : partner for food pairing

Bordeneuve Blanc is a white Gascony wine made from  Ténarèze clay and limestone soils. We obtain aromatic freshness and minerality in our wines.

Bordeneuve Blanc is a blend of 3 local grapes : Colombard, Ugni Blanc and Gros Manseng. In the 80’s, first winery’s white wines were made from only french Colombard and Ugni blanc. Colombard gives powerful citrus notes like grapefruit and also some pineapple hints. Ugni blanc is more floral at the nose with rose’s notes.

Beginning of year 2000, grape Gros Manseng was used in the blend to complexify the mouth adding a tight structure and acidic backbone. Bordeneuve white wine owns the entire Gascony style.

Bordeneuve Blanc expresses exotic and citrus flavours. We pay attention to the balance at the mouth. It’s a delight to drink.

Bordeneuve Blanc : Ideas of food pairing?

We can pair Bordeneuve Blanc with fresh fish or steam cooked one. Asian food match very well. At season, we used to drink Bordeneuve Blanc with some crayfish first cooked in court bouillon flavored with a bouquet garni and snacked in a pan with parsley and minced garlic. Yummy!