History of Entras Estate started as love story

History of Entras Estate begins in Gascony on the hills of the Gers and especially Ténarèze. We are in 1948. Zoe and Miguel Maestrojuan worked together as peasant workers on the farm of Bordeneuve. They fall in love, married and acquired the same farm on which they are met. They produce Armagnac, wine of Gascony and Floc de Gascogne for the neighborhood and themselves on a small surface of 8Ha.

Vineyards are plowed with cattle, planted along the lines of level. In 1968, their children, Michel and Richard, started to assist their parents. They wanted to focus on the fruit of the vine. They renew plantations from 1972 : Ugni Blanc for Armagnac, Cot, Merlot and Tannat to produce red wines.


Miguel Maestrojuan with Laurent Tilloles and his sons

 Welcome at Entras Estate

Wine tasting tour at Entras Estate

Wine tasting tour at Entras Estate

Michel and Brigitte were married in 1979. They acquirred “Entras” house in 1982 and opened in 1984 their tasting room and wine shop. They stopped to produce milk on the farm and spent all their time to improve their vines and wines. New plots are planted on the beautiful clay and limestone soil of Bordeneuve : Colombard, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Later, vines of Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng are also planted to produce sweet wines. In 1988, Brigitte joined the company with Michel and Richard. In 1989, they all together started to work the vines at Domaine de Mathalin, when Olivier Galabert retires. These vines are just under the old Castle of Pardailhan family.


Michel Maestrojuan bottling Bordeneuve wines

Since 1989, Stéphane Auréglia helps Michel and Richard at the vineyard and in the winery. Since 1992, Isabelle Chiabo insures tasting sessions and visits.

In 2011, Michel Jr, son of Michel and Brigitte, after diferent season as winemakers in other French wine regions, decides, with the team Entras, to produce new kind of wine for new experiences.

The terroirs of Ténarèze


The estate vineyard Entras covers the slopes of the Ténarèze, the heart of Gers in Gascony. Entras opens on Auloue Valley, Bordeneuve overlooks large Baïse Valley. We also cultivate the vineyards of Château de Pardailhan, XIIth century castle located in the town of Beaucaire sur Baise whose old stones still serve local legends.

All our vineyards are established on clay-limestone slopes facing East, West and South, providing ideal exposures in the development of balanced wines. Ténarèze region is recognized for the quality of its clay-limestone vineyard soils. We take care of the diversity of our soils to offer our wines elegance and aromatic finesse.